Senior Software Engineer

Mike Christianson photo Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years experience: development, testing, automation, databases, maintenance, mentoring, troubleshooting, debugging, and more.

Focused on Quality and Craftsmanship

Focused on creating understandable, maintainable, and testable code. Adept at making complex ideas or requirements easy to understand and achievable. Valued by teams for setting standards and providing advice and counsel. Committed to delivering on promises with a strong sense of personal accountability.

Leader, Phoenix Software Engineering Reading Group

Constant individual and group learner. Active community member and leader.

Skills, Languages, Technologies, etc.

Experimenting With

Home Automation • Home Assistant

Experience With

• Java • Node.js • TDD • Automation • REST • Craftsmanship • JUnit • Telecommute • Agile • JSON • HTTP API • Git • Jenkins • Troubleshooting • Continuous Integration • MySQL • AWS S3 RDS Lambda • Refactoring • HAL • GitFlow • Guava • Mac OS X • Linux • Google Glass • Dropwizard • Jersey • Jackson • Jetty • Concurrency • XML • IntelliJ IDEA • Ant • Subversion • Drupal • Ivy • XStream • Windows • D3.js • Express.js • Passport.js • Amazon Echo Alexa • Raspberry Pi

Professional Development


Personal Projects

  • Amazon Echo Age Calculator Alexa Skill (2015). An Alexa Skill for calculating age between a given date and now. Node, AWS Lambda, Amazon Echo.
  • Dropwizard Tutorial (2014). Painless RESTful JSON HTTP web services. Java, Dropwizard, Jetty, Jersey, Jackson.
  • Sleeping Barber (2013). My take on the Sleeping Barber program using then-modern Java concurrency constructs. Java.
  • MotoWatcher (2012). Motorola cable modem signal statistics page scraper and notifier. Java, HTTP, XOM, TagSoup, XML, HTML, Growl/Prowl.