Mike Christianson
Mike Christianson



Late in 1999, UltiMeth Systems created SeaFlow, a Java-based application for monitoring Seattle-area traffic conditions.  SeaFlow is a powerful desktop version of WSDOT’s web-based traffic map.  It uses the same WSDOT data but shows greater detail, allows customization, and reduces network traffic.

SeaFlow displays vehicle speeds, density, and count metrics.  (WSDOT’s map shows only density which is certainly useful, but not a complete picture.)  The visual color representation of each metric can be customized in SeaFlow.

In times of peak demand, such as December 18, 2008, WSDOT’s website may become overwhelemed and yield partial or missing maps.  SeaFlow’s use of the smaller WSDOT data file – with maps rendered on the client-side – reduces demand on WSDOT’s site and can provide more reliable and complete updates.

SeaFlow is a great Java desktop app – small, efficient, and cross-platform.  Its license is GPL.