Mike Christianson
Mike Christianson


I now have a github account, mostly to learn about github and, of course, git.


There I have a three repositories: one for code created while reading through TDD by Example, one for testing assumptions about how Java behaves, and the last is some quick-and-dirty code I wrote over a year ago to scrape the signal status page of my cable modem.

Github will also help me keep track of code I’m writing with/for/during my software engineering reading group hosted at Gangplank.

Git is pretty weird for someone like me who has gone from Visual SourceSafe to Perforce to Subversion. (You can blame it on the centralized nature of those version control systems if you’d like.) Six years ago I fell in love with the simplicity of Subversion but I must admit the distributed nature of git is enticing.

When possible, I try to check in small units of work. That’s sometimes difficult with svn, if you’re changing a lot of files but don’t really want to make one-big-commit. But git is ready for the challenge (commit, commit, commit, …, push).

I won’t get into using Eclipse with git/github. They weren’t really made for each other and it shows.